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"Vouchers" as products

It is difficult to offer services in a shop, as our customers naturally expect a product for their good money. This has led us to a consideration that can be expanded at will.

In the category "Services" ⇒ "Informatic Technology (IT)" we offer "Vouchers" for the first time in the subcategories. This means that "test offers" are made so that, with our first provider of the wjk software®, customers can familiarize themselves with the services.

Of course, customers can also purchase more advanced services or make long-term offers. All this can be implemented with the newly established application of "nopCommerce".

For example, we can also imagine offers from local suppliers: hairdressers, massage saloons, restaurants, craftsmen and many more. You can pack your services into "vouchers", give them a price and distribute them through our shop. The respective customer enters the shop with the "voucher", uses the service and instead of paying, he hands over the "voucher".

This can also be an excellent gift!

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