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Nan's Flowers

Some words about Baht Flowers

In Thailand, baht flowers are used to be scattered on special occasions. For example, when young people go to the monastery (Wat) for some time.

We think it's a great idea to do it right, for example weddings, communion or confirmation. Perhaps also in baptisms and other occasions.

Baht Flowers bring luck, health and success to the lives of those whose path was sprinkled with it.

Nan Flowers

Baht Flowers


Handmade baht flowers (inside is hidden a coin). They are scattered on special occasions in the Wat (temple) and are supposed to bring luck, health and success. The flowers are packed 100 pieces each.

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament


Christmas tree decoration is, of course, nonsense. The baht flowers have only caught our eye, as we can well imagine it. The flowers are packed 10 pieces each.